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  • Good Faith Estimate - per the No Suprises Act For we will provide you with a "good faith" estimate of what you can expect to pay out of pocket for services.​​

  • Sliding Scale - in some instances, we are able to offer services to clients on a sliding scale due to economic hardship and is based a client's financial situation, family income, and how much one can realistically afford. 

  • Length and frequency of session visits may be adjusted to accommodate a client's financial ability to pay without sacrificing the integrity and benefit of therapy.

Initial Diagnostic Evaluation

This is the first visit for all individual or couples/family therapy sessions for new or returning clients (after 1 year).  Your therapist will review the limits of confidentiality with you, go over intake forms, and complete a clinical interview.  Your therapist will work with you to identify areas of need, collaborate on treatment goals, and form a provisional diagnosis.


60 minutes

$200 / Licensed Psychologist

$175 / Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Professional Counselor (LPC)

$135 / Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or Associate Counselor (LAC)

Individual Therapy

Most follow up visits are either 45 or 60 minutes in length depending on your needs and what you and your therapist determine is clinically necessary.  This can vary session to session also dependent on the complexity of your issues.  Trauma-focused and EMDR services will likely require at least 60 minutes due to the intensity of the treatment.  

60 minutes

$175 / Licensed Psychologist

$140 / LCSW or LPC

$120 / LSW or LAC


45 minutes

$135/ Licensed Psychologist

$110 / LCSW or LPC

$85 /  LSW or LAC


30 minutes

$95 / Licensed Psychologist

$70 / LCSW or LPC

$50 / LSW or LAC

Couples / Family Therapy

Sessions can either be held with the primary identified patient present or without (ex: parents meet with therapist before bringing in their child for the next session).

45-50 minutes

$185 / Licensed Psychologist

$150 / LCSW or LPC

$125 /  LSW or LAC



Sometimes clients require our assistance to complete forms related to disability, leave from work, etc.  We are happy to complete these forms for clients.  However, these documents take time and thoughtfulness to complete as they are individually tailored and specific to each client.  This service is not covered by insurance.  

This fee is applied to each documentation request. 


One-page letters such as a sick note or a diagnosis confirmation are provided at no charge.

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